Sherry Gay-Dagnogo for State Representative

To represent you in the state government, I offer the following six-point plan.

An Education-Driven Platform:

Education must become our number one priority! As the mom of a Detroit Public Schools K-12 graduate (he is currently attending South Carolina State University) and a certified science teacher with more than seven years of middle school teaching experience with Detroit students, I offer a blended perspective of how to ensure all students reach their true potential.

I believe that all children can learn when schools embrace the diverse learning styles of our children. The social construct of our communities demand greater support for social and emotional well-being to ensure optimal learning conditions for every child. Great school indicators show robust involvement by parents, and community. Greater systems of accountability are needed to ensure the engagement and effectiveness of all stakeholders, including district leaders, administrators, teachers, parents and students.

The State of Michigan has its educational challenges. According to the National Center for Higher Education Management, Michigan is below the national average for high school graduation and college completion. Fewer than 1 out of 5 young people graduate from high school on time and earn either an associate's or bachelor's degree. We're 35th in the nation for college completion.

However, that narrative can change when we make greater investments in early childhood, establish a greater foundation for K-12, empower and properly train and support great teachers, increase parent engagement and establish a bipartisan commitment to making our children the priority in K-12 education.

Michigan's student pipeline transition and completion of 9th grade to college is less than 20%. Meanwhile, according to the American Civil Liberties Union, Michigan's school to prison pipeline is excessive. In 1980-2000, African American males from were disproportionately imprisoned at 13 times the rate of college enrollment.

According to the Institute for a Competitive Workforce's 2013 Leaders and Laggards Report, there is a direct correlation between a municipality's fiscal stability and its educational attainment levels. By 2018, seven out of 10 jobs will require college completion. To usher our state into economic recovery, we must change the culture of education in our state and in the city of Detroit.


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